Friday, 24 February 2017

At last, at last, on to the next chapter

After a year of feeling like we were standing still, and the aggravations involved with moving house, we are now in our new home in Glastonbury! There is so much to do, but the feeling that we can work at our own pace, and sort things out, and clean and decorate for ourselves is very welcome. We brought everything with us, which will be too much for our new smaller home, and so this is a shot of how most of it looks at present...

 but I'm glad to have it all back after 5 weeks in storage.
 I did have a crate of tarot decks with me the whole time, I fitted in about 25 or so decks, and it's now safely stowed under the stairs where I can reach it easily.

The red crate of tarot decks
There will be plenty of challenges; and remembering to be okay when things get lost or broken is tough some days LOL. Also the numbers of boxes and bins for different kinds of recycling - we keep having to take things out of the black box, and put them in the green one! But being able to walk to the Chalice Well Gardens to enjoy their celebration on 1st February was such a great feeling, we are very happy to be here.

Do get in touch if you'd like a reading from the wonderful new surroundings

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Moving Out

Probably my last post for 2016 - and feeling rather subdued. My own news is good, contracts exchanged on our house sale, and moving out 11th January. But a whole host of lovely folks dying this year reminds us that life is fragile. But I'm going to try and use the sadness as a spur to live each day with gratitude and grace; to make a difference, however small, in someone else's life.

So here is my workroom today - "No of course I'm not a bit stressed by this!"

 Blessings to all.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Odyssey Tarot - into the cupboard it goes!

Having a quiet Sunday here, and so the collage tarot deck duly got it's outing - it is the Odyssey Tarot by Jean Hutter. Hand made in a limited edition, it's a lovely deck that I acquired within a collection I bought a few years ago. I don't believe it ever had any accompanying book, and mine didn't have a box or dedicated bag when I received it. That's how it came to end up in the 'bag cupboard'. Whilst I'm not a huge fan of collage as an art style, there are a few collage decks that I like and admire, and this is one. The deck is a delight to look through; a mixture of art styles and illustrations have been used, there's humour, a dark edge sometimes, and all very smoothly put together visually. One of two images jar with me - some scenes from a film that I recognise appear on several cards - I wonder how they will seems as time passes? But I think it's simply that I know the film very well that they 'pop out' within the deck, they are good examples for the meanings.
I gather that each deck had a different background, this one is pale blue with a tiny white repeating motif, perhaps it's a flower petal of a seed case?

Hand made decks always appeal to me, the care taken in their construction, the exact choices of the artist regarding size, colour and so forth, the craftsmanship, all these things serve to make such decks treasures. Maybe this one should move to a specially created hand-made bag! Time to take a look in my fabric boxes I think...

My friends and folks who know me will realise of course, that this is all just displacement therapy whilst we wait to see if we will be moving house soon!  The sale seems to be continuing, but our purchase at the other end is lagging as the gentleman doesn't seem to have found somewhere to move to yet. We might even end up renting for a couple of months. The amount of upheaval and cost is more than I can think about right now, so I'm having fun sorting things that I can't yet pack. So I took the whole on the top shelf out at once! there's a few to look through and try reading with, do drop me a line in the message box on the right if you'd like to try a HALF PRICE READING whilst the fun lasts.


Saturday, 26 November 2016

So the oracle deck was - Beasts of Albion!

A quick reveal for the week-end - the mystery oracle deck from the bag shelf was Beasts of Albion by Miranda Gray - 

 It's another deck, like Dance of Life, that is really aimed at personal readings and inner work - but this one appeals much more to me. I could see myself using this deck after I've completed the course book of the Arthurian Tarot, spending a year working with each card in meditation. The Arthurian was created by Caitlin and John Matthews, but Miranda did the artwork for them, so there is a natural affinity between the decks in my eyes. The energies and qualities of - mostly- native British animals is discussed, including how their qualities can assist us. Along with natural history, lore, and wonderful bright illustrations! So this one is definitely a keeper I'm glad to say.

So there's a tarot out of it's bag for consideration - a self-published collage deck if you want to hazard a guess?

Chocolate news - it's my wedding anniversary this week, and my beloved (knowing me well after all these years) bought these 

 Thank you darling, for every wonderful year. I love you x

Sunday, 20 November 2016

More tarot chat, more sewing machines!

Cold autumn days seem to be slipping by fast here, almost all the leaves are fallen now, the summer growing plants are doing their "I am a stick" impersonations, and the last of the courgettes and squashes are gathered. The fire is alight, and most days are spent indoors, knitting by the fire, making Yule presents for friends and listening to cricket on the radio.

One thing that hasn't stopped "fruiting" with the cold weather is the stream of sewing machines! There have been 2 more since I last wrote, a really wonderful Singer Featherweight 221K, and just yesterday a Victor Deluxe, which I know much less about.

 It's the same design as a Singer 15K I think, with a fairly standard 'Sew-Tric' motor on the back, but I have no idea who exactly was making Victors, or it's date - although I'm guessing late 1950's? Anyway, it's at the end of the queue, so it will be a week or more before I get to this one. 
Of the last batch, I've had one with a shredded nylon internal gear - it was a sad day when Singer started putting plastic parts inside their sewing machines - and one with a capacitor that I hadn't spotted. The pedal capacitor had been changed, but I blew the one connected to the internal motor with quite spectacular - and smelly - results. Smoke billowed out in all directions, and it's now awaiting a new capacitor and I'll see if it's going to go. Another lesson learnt.

A couple of new tarot decks have winged their way to me too, as an exchange via the Aeclectic tarot forum. I sent two decks abroad, and received two in return. Hopefully my swap partner will be enjoying the things I sent, and I'm certainly happy with a deck I would have had difficulty sourcing here in UK, and a deck that's now out-of-print, and so only available second hand. It's also a great way to move on decks that you didn't enjoy to someone who will love them.

Having played with the new decks for a couple of days, I remembered I was supposed to be sorting out the decks I already had living in bags in my tarot cupboard - which looks a bit like this, only more crowded now, for folks who haven't seen it before:

 So I have two decks out for consideration, one a tarot and one an oracle. If you have never had a tarot reading before, you might wonder what it's like, and what you might expect to get from it? 

I believe the cards drawn can help you 'see' a current situation from different view-points. You can sometimes see what led up to a situation, or how aspects you hadn't considered have contributed to the shape of the issue, either from inside yourself or other people's attitudes and actions perhaps. Then you see card images that can help you consider ways of navigating out of the situation into some new space; perhaps by considering actions in the physical world, or by a change of thoughts. The future is not yet decided, and you can alter what is to come if you change something in the now - and that's how tarot can help, by suggesting, by breaking down barriers, sometimes by jolting a new realisation. You can ask questions, you can ask for insight, you can seek alternatives.  And it doesn't need to be a huge spread of 20 or more cards laid all over the table, sometimes 2 or 3 are enough to open a new vision.

So if you'd like to have a reading with me, and one of the 'secret' decks just released from their bags, then my HALF PRICE offer is still ongoing. Do please drop me a message using the box on the right hand side of the page, and we can talk about what would suit your situation. My usual prices are listed on the Tarot tab above.

Leaving you with a picture of a collection of things I picked up on my last autumnal walk through the local woods; it was a day of bright sun and crispy leaves underfoot. Now it's misty, very cold, and the leaves are composting down to feed the soil, so please enjoy...

  Blessings to you and yours

Monday, 24 October 2016

More sewing machines arrive

As folks who've been following here for a while will know, I have a dear friend who runs a little charity shop, just at weekends. And once she knew that I was interested in sewing machines, an erratic stream of them has arrived for evaluation, cleaning, simple repairs and sale online. We can reach so many more potential buyers online than would ever find her shop, it's been super for her, and a good learning experience for me. Even a machine that I can't get working can be useful for spares to someone else.
It's been a bit quiet lately, and now five have arrived! I've started numbering them, and working on them in strict order - otherwise I do my favourites first. 

 Here are four of them - all electric I think, and the one I have I have on the table - much more of a challenge as it's in a bad state...

So my time to spend with the lucky dips has shortened, but I'm still having fun - in the evening when my hands are clean mostly. The deck I had out last week was NOT Camelot Oracle - nice guess. But the Celtic Book of the Dead by Caitlin Matthews

It's an interesting and ancient concept, a journey by boat into the west sea as a metaphor for the journey beyond death and into the otherworld, and Caitlin's work is, as ever, well researched and explained, using early Celtic materiel that was written down by later peoples . I'll be working with this one a little more before it goes back into it's bag, but I shall be keeping this one for sure.

I'll post again as soon as I've taken out the next mystery deck. HALF PRICE 'LUCKY DIP' READINGS continue during this period, with whatever deck I've got out at the time.

The leaves are falling here now, summer birds like Swallows are gone, and the Grey Geese are arriving in huge V's in the evening sky, with their welcome honking.

Blessings of the season to all

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Here's the next couple of decks...

I had started to worry about this exploration a tad - I mean I'd pulled out two decks so far and decided they both should go! So I'm delighted now to have unearthed, used and admired this beautiful animal based deck -

I won a competition on Aeclectic Tarot a few years ago, and was gifted this as my prize - the booklet and spreads sheets were downloaded from the deck website at
 I honestly don't know if any decks remain unsold, but I would recommend it if you can find a copy anywhere.
It's a deck that was created by many different artists, and includes some mythical creatures as well as many worldwide species. As someone who enjoys natural history anyway, it's been a delight to delve more deeply into the life cycle and nature of some species I don't know, as well some native to England. I'm not sure how well the deck would work 'just' for a divinatory reading, but as a card for the day, or a prompt as to what attributes might help you in a given situation, it's a winner. So the cupboard isn't going to be totally bare when I've finished!

The next deck has come out and my clues for you - it's an oracle deck, and is designed around taking a very specific journey. It uses Celtic Otherworld mythology, and was written by a UK author. HALF PRICE READINGS with this deck until I reveal it's identity. There's also a small prize for the winner if you'd like to take a guess, but be quick - I'll be back by the end of the week to talk about ...



Last flowers of autumn in the woods.